How to open a door only if the player has a specific number of points?

To start off, sorry for using UE 4.9, but unfortunately have to as my college only has that version.

Okay, so I am making a game where you shoot at targets, and those targets will give you 10 points for each, I want to have it so that the player cannot open the door to the next room unless their score reads, for example, 40. I am new to Unreal and I have no idea how I would do this!

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

*First make normal door that opens all the time
*Then add check of points in logic that triggers the door to open using “Branch” node and if it’s false stop the code (connect only true), or make it display some message
*Use “int >= int” node to make a Boolean condition for brach node, at first input set number to 40 and at 2nd input connect you point varable

I hate to be an ■■■, but I literally have no idea what half of that is xD If you could maybe post screenshots of these things or a step-by-step bulletpoint list on what I need to do, that would probably help me a lot! I am unbelievably new to Unreal (Hilariously, our college tutors are terrible at teaching us how to use something, they themselves often find videos or tell us to, and on this, I could not find a video xD )