How to only show HUD of possessed pawns

I have scattered a few possessable pawns of same class in level. The pawns create a button widget on possession which on clicked switch backs to the main pawn of different class. If I cycle through the widget of the previous possessed pawn doesn’t disappear.

Is this the correct way to do this? I think I have to use Get Actors OF Same Class and For Each Loop to make it correctly work.

could u show a picture of the current ingame? how the eror looks?

There are no errors. The game runs and quits without any error. Maybe I’m not explaining correctly.

What I’m trying to do is create a real estate plan view, like a navigateable aerial view. There’s a orbit camera pawn which looks the level from above and rotate around it. There are a few pawns scattered in the level which are like 360 view camera which rotates around in one place. I possesses the 360 camera with set view target with blend. I can then switch between the the 360 camera pawns and navigate the level from eye level. The 360 camera pawn on possession create a Button widget to switch back to the orbit camera. But on switching back the button widget does not dissappear. I have to click on it as many times as I have navigated the 360 camera pawn from eye level.

That’s as best I can explain it in words. I’ll post a video showcasing it when I get back to the computer.

Non-pure node (once with exec pins) pins states clear or end of node continuity (end of scope), so in your case after “Bind to Event to OnClicked” the scopes end and state of “Return Value” you use to get widget reference is cleared and can not be reused or else retrigger the node (which in your case there no point of doing that).

You forgot about most basic thing you can do… to keep the reference of object you made in variable to control it later ;]

What? Can you explain it in simple terms. I am not a programmer. Are you saying there’s no need to remove the widget from the parent? And to get the reference of all the pawns of this class in a variable?