How to omit udkfrontend map from my built project?

Players of my game are able to open the udk front-end map from the console. Anyone know how i can omit this ‘map’ from the game when packaging it?

Delete it from the CookedPC folder before you fill out the Package name dialog?

Thanks for the reply. That would be a manual task each time i want to package my game. Would be nice to only have to address the issue once.

I don’t know how to remove it but you could replace it .my front screen is the front end map.

UDKEngine.ini / DefaultEngine.ini

Quick scan of the INIs shows the lines above. Have you tried deleting them?
Bit surprised how many hard coded references there are in the base code too.
Gaz’s suggestion might be safer bet / include a dummy map of game credits…

Awesome, thanks for the help guys. I’ll try removing it from the INI.