How to obtain a reference to World in Primary Data Asset blueprint?

Hi everyone!

I wanted to build some data classes (Primary Data Assets) to hold configuration for the level structure, and in one of the assets wanted to reference Map assets, but I cannot get a soft reference to the World class.

There is this: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-60933) – which describes the same issue, however the workaround described there does not work. It suggests to use ‘Load Level Instance’ function and then pull out the argument and convert it to a variable (so far so good). But it only works in a normal Actor blueprint and not in Primary Data Asset blueprint, because 'Load level instance" is not available in that context (which is a shame, as it could be useful there).

Is there any other function that takes the World reference that is available in the Primary Data Asset blueprint context?

How do you usually go around World references in Data Assets? Simply level asset names as strings?

This could work, but going to the map, copying/pasting the path is tedious, and error-prone, since there is no browser to make sure names are right.

If there is no other option, I will stick to string names.