How to: Object reference while casting

Good afternoon,

I am fairly new to Unreal Engine and currently working on a university project. I am creating a simulation environment and want that the user is able to change the sun settings over a widget. Currently I am working with a Game Instance and Event ticks, as seen in the picture, which is not really ideal. I would like to directly cast to the variable in the BP_Sky_Sphere but struggle to find the right object reference. I know I am lacking in basic knowledge but every help is much appreciated!

Hi man,
you dont need to Cast-To
The skysphere is an actor that is literally in the scene,
you can get the reference to it directly, getting the " first actor" in the scene of " skysphere" type
Renenber to refresh the material to see the changes

@Est_engine Thank you so much, really appreciate that you took the time to help me! It works perfectly :slight_smile: