How to NOT spawning objects in the specific area of "SpawnVolume" component?

I used a “Box Collision” component as “SpawnVolume” (like a cube shape) to spawn objects using “Random Points in Bounding Box” blueprint node…
Everything works fine and I have no issue to spawn objects…
My problem is that the objects spawn randomly in all the volume and I DO NOT want to spawn objects in a specific area (a cube) in the center of this “SpawnVolume” cube!
Assume that we have 2 cubes: The big cube is “SpawnVolume” and another one is a smaller cube in the center of the big cube…
Would you please help me how can I do this and NOT spawning objects in the smaller cube???
I tried to add a “Block Volume” at the center of “SpawnVolume” but it didn’t worked!
I read somewhere on the internet that it’s possible to create a custom SpawnVolume from a Static Mesh but I couldn’t do that because it wasn’t well explained!
Maybe, one way is to find the center of the SpawnVolume cube and create vectors with a specific distance to this point (for example creating a sphere shape at the center or something like that)!
Doing this is very hard for me and I have no idea if it works or not :frowning:
Please help me…
Thank you so much for your attention :slight_smile:
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Like this:

Hi ClockworkOcean,

**Exactly **like that :slight_smile: !!! You’re my HERO :cool: :wink:
Thanks A LOT for your help :slight_smile:

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