How to not lose so much FPS with mobile dynamic shadows?

Hi guys!
I’ve created empty map with just few plain materials, stationary DirectionalLight and LightmassImportanceVolume.
Now character without shadows: stable 60fps on my smartphone (hardware specs)
Character with dynamic shadows: laggy 35fps
How to not lose so much FPS with dynamic modulated shadows enabled?
What am I doing wrong?

I confused, there’re no good tutorials on UE4 mobile development. :frowning:

On directional light details, set num dynamic shadow cascades to 2 or 1 because 3 is pretty high and from what i know even fortnite mobile has it on 2.

Thx!! FPS improved a bit (now it’s ~50 on smartphone)
Any other suggestions how to optimize mobile dynamic shadow?
(with NumDynamicShadowCascades=1 it’s still very sharp, I see that in Fortnite shadows are much softer)

For a bit more performance change distribution exponent to 4 or 1 and see how it affects the FPS but dont expect too much, also keep an eye on Dynamic shadow distance as its value should be not be high and as for the rest of it i think you should balance it between Dynamic and Static shadows to get the best performance.
and for the softness of the shadows i think it depends on your scene’s lighting but I’m not quite sure about it.
also try modulated shadows (the one you are using now is CSM or Cascaded Shadows) and see if you get better FPS but keep in mind that modulated shadows have their own problems.