How to not generate Hit Event on specific Actor?

Hi everybody,

My question seems stupid but I can’t find a way to do that. I just want that my Projectile, when fired, doesn’t make a Hit Event with my Main Character. I saw several post on forums that there is a method “Ignore” in blueprint. However, I just found the “Ignore Actor when moving”, but it doesn’t made what I just described.

Is anyone got a solution ?

Note : don’t tell me “it’s because you don’t connect the nodes” :stuck_out_tongue:

If for some reason ignore doesn’t work on your event hit, drag a “cast to actor you want to ignore” from the hit event “other actor” output and use the failed output of this “cast to”, each hit will ignore this actor.

Edit : You can do the same with other component too and ignore for example boxes in patrolling actors used for detection. And same idea can be applid with overlap event. For other event, you’ll need a way to know the actor and then as before cast to and fail to ignore it.

You mean like this?

IHitable is something that can be hit (like enemies, objects…) and DaivyTestCharacter is my MainCharacter.

However, that doesn’t solve my problem. Ok, it will does nothing if it hit my character, but the collision is still here. I just want the collision not to happen (because when I fire the projectile, my character will be “blocked” because of this collision, you see?)

After a check : i used it with a on component begin overlap ( collision component) instead of event hit with a collision component set on overlap all. Maybe this is the reason, in my case this is enough to have actors and component ignored with no effect.

I also tried with overlap and it’s ok, but for my personnal case I want to use Hit insteand of Overlap. So it doesn’t solve my problem :confused:

Up guys… Really need help

What is the reason you want to use Hit instead of Overlap, is it because you want it to push the target back on impact? Or do you want projectiles that should bounce off walls? If the projectile is going to despawn on impact, you should try using Overlap anyway, ignore any actors you don’t want to hit and try to get your desired effects via calls like Add Impulse, Add Force.

However, since you asked for a solution while using Hit. I would spawn the projectile a distance away from your actor. So get your firing actor’s forward vector, scale that vector by some constant and add it to your projectile’s spawning location. Experiment a bit with the scale so that it looks good. Does that work for your purposes?