How to not generate dSYM on Mac

I’m trying to build a Mac version of a Game Jam project I recently participated in and I’m trying to reduce the App size. The PC version is around 260MB but the Mac version is about 1.44GB. Digging through the App content I found Content/MacOS/UE4-Game-Mac-Shipping.dsym which is 619MB. From what I found this is a library to read the debug files and is not needed. I double checked and made sure the packaging settings are set to “Shipping” with "include debug files checked off, but it still includes the file.

If any one knows how to get rid of this file I’d appreciate it.

Unreal 4.9.2 running on OS X 10.11.1

Ok, so I simply deleted the UE4-Game-Mac-Shipping.dsym file from the package and so far no issues that I can see. I don’t want to call this answered as it would be nice if it didn’t generate it in the first place.

Hi Rankopfpro,

I have reported that the UE4-Game-Mac-Shipping.dsym file is being included in packaging despite “include debug files” being checked off. When this issue is addressed, you will be notified with an update to this post. JIRA [UE-23351]

Thanks for the feedback,