How to not bloat my project with Marketplace assets?


I am developing a little personal Project and I am working on the Level design at the moment.
After browsing thru all my Marketplace assets and Installing to my Project it is now 50GB (before 17GB)

The Problem is this 50GB size makes me run out of disc space fast when doing my backups…

Has anybody ideas how to not bloat a project with marketplace assets?

I basically use a dummy project for my marketplace assets, and then just migrate over exactly what I need and will be using from them to my actual project.

I tried using that too but for some reason most times when I migrate something over it needs 1248712408712 files of that asset too.
So I am thinking about making a level creation Project now where I put all Level creation related files in to make my levels there and then just migrate the map over to my main project.

A lot of it comes down to what you want to migrate. Lets say you want to migrate a simple Mesh from a marketplace asset. In the dummy project, just make a separate folder at root, copy the mesh into that folder along with it’s texture, make sure you basically link the mesh and the texture from the same folder, and just migrate that folder over. It should stop the engine from trying to migrate other useless stuff over at the same time from the marketplace asset it came from.

Unfortunately it’s not always simple, but there are different things you can try.