How to nest blueprint actors so they move with the parent... at runtime?

Hi all ,

I think this is a really simple question but it has me stumped and I can’t seem to find an answer with Google or on this site. :slight_smile:

I have four Actor Blueprints, and inside of each one is just a cube. In the world outliner, I have dragged three of the Actor Blueprints onto the first one, so they are all “children” of that first one. In the editor, I can just move or rotate the first Actor Blueprint, and the rest move or rotate with it.

Here’s the problem: at runtime (ie. when I press play), when I adjust the position of the first Actor Blueprint, the rest don’t move with it.

Does anyone know why this would be? Thanks so much in advance! And I apologise if the answer is obvious. I think I’m approaching it maybe the wrong way, so my keywords aren’t working when I search for an answer?


you need to use the attach actor to actor function

OHHHHHH. So at runtime it doesn’t just “respect” what is happening in the world outliner??

Hope that image works - how do I make the TARGET link to the parent blueprint? :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help!

I’ve made a quick video showing the problem :slight_smile: Issue starts at 2min 6 secs - showing that I can’t target the parent properly

The solution to your problem starts at 1:00

thanks so much! I’ll try to follow that video!