How to navigate scene like sketchfab(camera only focuses on object)

Hi Guys, i want to navigate and interact with a product like how its done in sketchfab… basically i want to see a product(furniture) orbiting from a point( as if its in my mobile or a website and i want to visualize that product by clicking my mouse pointer or my fingers in case of mobiles). As well as want to change materials… now my question is how to do it:

  1. Which template to approach… ???
  2. Is it possible to target both platforms like web and mobile( i have noticed that there is very less discussion about web development in facebook and other forums- i maybe wrong)
  3. Is it ideal to add VR to it…??
    I may miss some points… will be glad if someone gives important inputs regarding this.
    Adding the link which i want to replicate through UE4… and Blueprints only… i am not from coding background(from Arch-Viz background)
    Eames lounge Chair - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by jakob_van_damme (@jakob_van_damme2) [320fc74] - Sketchfab Store


I was looking for the same kind of camera and I’ve found this :

It works very well :slight_smile: