How to multiply by delta time?

Hello there!

So, I’m making a kind of a day/night cycle, and it’s working almost properly so far. Given that I use the Tick event, everything triggers in each frame, but if my game goes at 30FPS, my day/night transition is twice as long.

I know I have to use delta seconds to do this, but I’m failing to do it right, I don’t really know how I can multiply it so it can work correctly.

I would appreciate so much if you could give me any tip on how to solve this.
This is the graph (connected to a tick event):

GetWorldDeltaSeconds * TheAddedValuePerFrame

Dumb me, thank you!

Doesn’t work… Delta Seconds or WorldDeltaSeconds multiplied with a value don’t function like Time.DeltaTime in Unity. I get weird values that will break my functions.