HOW TO "Moving Actor" while Game is Paused as Super Mario World"

Hey everyone !

thank in advance for your time !

i’m currently trying to find a way to view my character (Paper 2D Character) Jumping (i’m using launch character node) during my Character Dying sequence, exactly such as in super Mario World
During the sequence , i set the game in pause, to make sure every others actors are immediatly stopped. Of course during my dying sequence, i enable the “tick even when paused” for my character.
The things is and i don’t know if it’s because the Tick even when paused is very limited, but it seem i can’t change the character velocity.

Is someone have a solution in this case ? changing time dilation is not appropriate in this specific case so i really need to stick on pause and find a way to simulte a jumping movement while my character is dying.

Thanks for your help Guys !

Ok i found the solution by myself :stuck_out_tongue: in anycase thanks !