How to move UE from one drive to another?

My C drive was almost full and I couldn’t download UE 4.8. So I moved Epic Games from C drive to D drive.

When I do run the launcher and try to repair it, it gives me an error "Unable to install Could not create directory C>Program File>Epic Games>4.7.

Please help me to solve this problem.

Hi yogesh_gamer,

The Launcher needs to be installed on the same drive as the engine versions and we don’t recommend moving any of the file structure once it is.

I recommend uninstalling what engine versions you have, uninstall the Launcher, and reinstall it on whichever drive you prefer. Let me know if that works you or not.



I thought moving was easy :frowning: It will take me so much time to re-download UE at 512 KbPS speed.

Isn’t there any short way?

It’s technically possible but we don’t recommend it. Here is a member or our Launcher team explaining how to do it. It’s an older post so some of the file paths may be a bit different.