How to move to next location after arriving at first location?

The scenario is that, the player will select 3 destinations, then the character will move to that destination one by one and in order. I tried doing a sequence but it will always go the the 3rd destination the stop. how can i make sure that it will go to the first destination first then on key press, it will go to the next destination, and so on.

here’s my blueprints, its currently not working with sequence. (I hope its seeable)

You could cycle through destinations like this:

Once you have the destination, use a Timeline + Lerp or Tick + vInterp to move the object.

oh wow, i dont know how to use timeline, lerp or vlnterp yet, i am still new at unreal. would you care to explain what the blueprint would do ?

Something like this should work, not entirely sure what you’re trying to achieve, though:

Image from Gyazo

More info about Timeline:

Also, do consider checking YT for stuff like this, there are hundreds of mini tutorials that cover this stuff.

and we have personally covered it a million times here on the answerhub haha

Thanks, i will try this.