How to move the weapon while editing the First Person Character

Hello, I am trying to create a FPS game, but I have a problem.
When I import the weapon(with skelethal mesh, and everything required) it is not place where it need to be

I tried to move it using the 3 arrows, but they don’t do anything.
I changed it’s coordinates, but they always come back to the original value.
How can I move the weapon to a desired position?
Is there any way to do it like moving a normal mesh in the level editor?

This is how the weapon looks like in the game :frowning:

You should give this a look it will help you ALOT I think…

Unreal Engine 4 - (Tutorial) Building Basic Weapon Mechanics 2 ?v=eFps5e7NSP0

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But to answer your question, you need to open that characters skeleton, find its weapon socket, add that gun as a preview mesh “if its not already” and move the socket its attached too, so that it looks right in the characters hand.

Thank you sir, now the weapon is in the perfect place, thank you once again for your time and patience with me.