How to move the VR player (from another blueprint)

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Hey guys! So I just now got the mechanics for the portals working, I’m so happy! I have a bit of work still left to do (this code is currently in the portal bullets blueprint, not the portals themselves) but soon I’ll have fully working portals for you guys! I wanted to show off what I had so far, and the code, used for it.


these images were a good 2 days of work finally coming to fruition. I AM SO HAPPY! IT FINALLY WORKS! I must have tried a good 100-150 different permutations of this code before I finally hit the jackpot, and you can see it’s pretty complex, but it works! And I can now teleport the player to any blue or orange portal in the scene! This picture showcases the code for the blue bullet, the orange bullet has orange versions of this code. Enjoy the comments!

I’ll have a video to share soon showcasing how it all works!