How to move the player when usin "set view target with blend"

So, i have a spotlight in my player blueprint that is following my cursor:


And in my level blueprint ,I’m using keys to set view target to a specific camera:

The problem is,my spotlight remains where my player is,is there a way to move it to the camera that I’m in?
Btw I’m a begginer.

Ok, forget the LookAt, you can just attach a spotlight to the player camera in the first person:


You can do the same with the cameras you put in the level, just make them a BP :slight_smile:

( Just put a camera with a spotlight attached to it in a BP, you can still blend to them because they are still actors ).

You could even make them pawns. Then you can use EvenPossessed and EventUnpossessed to turn the light on and off…

I wold like to use the cursor to control my light,not with the camera the camera.
(or maybe I haven’t understood your explanation right)