How to move the camera with the mouse

So I’m building a 3d game, so far I have a building and a player and the player can move but if the camera don’t move it a bit of a boring game. So how can I move the camera with the mouse? The Player is a CHARACTER blueprint


You should add an input axis for the mouseX & mouseY, and then in a blueprint, on MouseX, do “Add Controller Yaw Input”, using the Axis Value return node as the Val, and do the same for the mouseY.

That works for left-right movement but I can look up (sorry I can’t give you a picture but I have nothing to take a picture :frowning: ).

EDIT: I got it working I forgot to check “Use Pawn control Rotation” :). Thanks for your help

I’m glad to be of help.

I still have some issues about that. Can someone make me a tutorial how can I do it, please?
That’s what I’ve done until now.
Oh and I check the “Use Pawn Control Rotation” box as well, but my camera still just move on Y directions :confused:
Thanks for helping me guys.

@marcotorres14 Just by looking at your image you only add Yaw Input on MouseX and MouseY. You never call Add Controller Pitch. Your camera will probably only rotate around. Hope this helps.

I thinnk what you did is right, just making sure in your Pawn BP, select below:

I have been looking for a moveable 3D camera, but here is when I encounter a problem, I have a springarm with a camera inside of it. And I want to be able to see through the camera while able to control the camera. But the I just see through the camera but can’t move the camera. I am new to UE4 so I am looking for help.