How to move textured objects from ue4 project to another ue4 project?

without applying the textures and materials again.
i know how it do without textures/mats but again need to re-apply textures\mats and it is pretty boring :slight_smile:

Right click on object -> Migrate to -> Choose “Content” folder of new project. All applied materials with textures will migrate with mesh

Just find the object … “Right-click” → “Asset Actions” → “Migrate” … this will give you a list of all items and related items that need to be migrated.

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thank you guys for answers but something going wrong.I have done as you describe but textures not applied to the object.
attached two steps images. what i do wrong??

1 reference ue4 project

2 new empty project with that object

Coloss85, your model does not have applied material in content browser.
To fix this:

  1. Double click on static mesh to open Asset properties
  2. Apply material to static mesh in this window
  3. Now you can select only this static mesh(Without additional selection on materials and textures) and migrate whole “pack” to another project!

Basically you’re migrating asset from Content browser, not from Viewport

omg it was hard to get it, UE4 has a pretty different workflow and interface then 3ds max :stuck_out_tongue:
thank you zeOrb!