How to move spesific stuff in class blueprint

i made an elevator and i want to make doors for the elevetor but how can i tell only it i even made the door to be a owner and did get owner and its still move the hole elevator so how do i move only the elevator door ?

If your using “get owner”, you can use the output to hook into a cast node’s “object input”. So simply use that and do a cast to the class that has the doors. From there just drag off the part on the cast node where it says “as ‘yourClassNameHere’”, and get the doors you want to reference.

but is in the same blueprint

Okay, can you please post some images of your blueprints? This would make it a bit easier going forward.

What you can also try to do instead of getting owner is just grabbing references to the doors instead of the owner. This will work especially well if its inside its own blueprint.

and just so you understand at the start i showed what i want to happn and in the end what realy happn soory for the bad quality

Change AddActorLocalOffset to AddLocalOffset, and connect door to it

thx it worked

Great! You can mark the answer as accepted then :slight_smile: