How to move something around an object?

Hi Guys,

I try to do a little 3D billiard game. I want to move my billardqueue and camera around my white ball but I tried a lot and didnt get it. Maybe you can help me.

This is how my queue get to my ball:

How I actually rotate my queue:
My queue have to move to the ball and I dont know how to do this. Maybe someone knows a better solution as I already try. More to this on the third screenshot

this is my try to move my queue exactly to my ball ( not the best solution maybe you have a better idea)

this is how my camera get the position of my ball, but I need to rotate my camera around the ball and not only on one position:

and this how it looks ingame:

So I hope somebody knows how I can rotate my camera and queue around my ball.
If you have still questions just ask.


You may consider using spring arm component. Add a spring arm component to your ball/ object that you can rotate around, then maybe attach your camera to the spring arm, after that you just need to rotate the spring arm component.

Good idea. I tried to realize your idea, but the problem is that the springarm rotates with the ball. Do you know how to fix that?
At the moment I have my ball as a blueprint with a springarm and my queue as a blueprint. I give my queue the location and rotation of my springarm, but maybe you have a better solution.

Hello mate,

Sorry for the delay reply, was having tough time with my project. Anyway, i have make a simple system that will rotate your camera around your object. Hope this will help. You can either use a dummy camera and get it’s world transform or use a real camera and switch your player pawn.