How to move player character to target point in level blueprint

I know this is a pretty simple thing to do, but the engine is still pretty new and I can’t find much documentation on using the blueprint scripting.
I’m trying to move the player character to a spawn point when the game begins, I have a target point at this location so I have a position to reference inside the level blueprint.

I’ve tried a few variations of this and I get this error
Error Accessed None ‘CallFunc_GetPlayerCharacter_ReturnValue’ from node Set Actor Location and Rotation in blueprint TemplateRoom2

Event Begin Play > Set Actor Location and Rotation
Get Player Character goes in the Target
Make Vector(or whatever vector variable) goes into New Location

Is this in your player controller or character BP?

The MyCharacter BP is set in my GameMode BP. My playercontroller(also set in GameMode) then gets the character and sets his location in the world. I think that is all I had to do.

If you really have to, you can use an interface or Cast(not sure if you can Cast to a level) to get the variable out of your level to wherever you need it.

Basically though, if your character is not being found that is your real problem and you should focus on that. You may just need to try setting the location further along in the level blueprint in case you are calling it before it is spawned or something.

I’m doing it in the level blueprint because I can’t reference the spawn point elsewhere.