How to move my charater for specific distance just single key press?

Hi Guys,

I am new to UE4 as well as game development.

I want my character to move for specific steps when I press a button. For example: I want it to move 5 steps right covering 10 ue units in 2 seconds when I press right arrow key.
I have seen many tutorial about character movement, but none talked about this.

I tried achieving it by using vinter, but it failed. Vinterp was just moving my character but the walk animation was not happening.
I want the animations as well.

Please help me in achieving this.

There’s a few ways

Option one is you can open a gate that Tick enters and open it when you press the key, and close it after X seconds. While it’s open, add input in the vector direction you want.

Option two is you can get the vector to the right of your character (get actor location + 500Y) and issue a move to command to that vector.

For specific amount, Pinworm’s option two is a good choice. Just make sure if you are using the simple move to or any move to nodes, you need to put a NavMesh volume in your level so the AI system can navigate it.

Thanks for solution. I went with the first solution and some how make it working.
Check Left Location Reached Function.JPG
Check Right Location Reached Function.JPG

I was not able to use simple move to location.