How to move my character to end of offset animation smoothly? (like dash, roll dodge..)

Hello, I’m making a action game.

I want to add dodge roll/evade with roll motion. ( like in monster hunter, bloodborne… )

so, I bought the animation.

I can playback the animation, but the animation doesn’t move my chracter and camera.

So, I thought I should move my chracter manually. And I tried several ways but I didn’t get the movement what i want.

I tried Set Actor Location with VInterpTo, and Launch Character. I was able to move my character with this functions, but Camera movement was not smooth…

What I want is to sync the world position of my character and the roll animation offset…

I attached the gif that i bought.

What function I can use this work?

That animation has root motion.
If you’re planning on making an online game maybe put the roll inside of a Anim Montage and fire it with root motion. If the camera is attached to the character they should both move together smoothly.

Thank you for the answer.

Oh, I didn’t know root motion is used for the funtion. I’m planning on making single game, of course, i guess I need to use root motion.
And My situation is … If I check on the “use root motion” in Animation BP, the character swims in the air (in the BP editor and the viewport). I guess the animation has no root motion. So I think I should add root bone manually… is it right?

Game physics is how motion is handled, or any type of “move character ‘x’ amount of units when this button is hit” type of thing. Animations are something that are just placed on top of it to make it look pretty, it’s never suppose to move the character for real.

All animations are suppose to be your character “acting” in place, like a mime in an invisible box, use the game engine to move this proverbial “invisible box” to actually move the character in real space as they “swim in the air”.