How to move my character a fixed value

Hi, How can I move my character a fixed value with a single press ?

Hello razee01,

I was unsure as to what exactly your limitations were for the project you are working on so made an example that does not use a nav mesh bounds volume. It simply sets a direction and a goal and moves the player towards that goal a set amount. The 500 that is being used to multiply the forward vector is the distance the player is going to travel. If you are using a nav mesh you could use a “simple move to” node to accomplish the same thing. I hope this example helps.


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Fixed value you mean a fixed Speed? Velocity?

Fixed value means a fixed distance. I want to move the character a fixed distance at a direction of 90 degree left or right where the character is facing.

Hi Rudy,
Thanks for the reply. I tried your way. But anyhow I finished with this one. It worked.