How to move motion controller pawn to new folder without breaking the blueprint?

So I’ve been trying to get a project on the unreal marketplace for 2 months and keep being knocked back over folder structure and errors in the project due to trying to make the specific folder structure unreal is asking for (which has changed about 10 times over the last 2 months frustratingly for me).
I’ve had to remake the project twice already due to these errors cause by moving a blueprint into another folder.
So my question is, is there a way to move a blueprint in ue4 without breaking it?
I need to move the motion controller pawn in my vr project to another folder, but every time I do, it destroys the integrity of the blueprint and makes it unusable.

if you delete the config files in the folder root, the motion controller pawn gives errors you cant fix therefore you cannot change the folder structure entirely as unreal marketplace staff ask you to ( I know its very annoying), you can move the motion controller pawn into another folder but the root folders after the content folder must remain or it will give errors.