How to move large amount of objects (including BP) at once?


I’m making a whole interior (with blueprints, meshes, lights and everything) that will be part of a spaceship. Now, when I wanted to move that spaceship, I made a group out of everything and used “set world location and rotation” in level BP. However it treats the group as separate meshes, so I ended up getting 150+ references in level BP. Is there any other way to do this thing?

BTW, I do not want to make that interior separate from movable spaceship.

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You could attach the entire spaceship interior to some kind of parent object (possibly the spaceship itself?) and then only move that one. To do so

  1. select your group of objects
  2. right-click and choose Attach To
  3. select your desired parent object

Once they’re properly attached (displayed as child objects in the World Outliner), you’ll only need to call all your movement/rotation functionality on the parent object.

Thank you so much! Exactly what I wanted :slight_smile:

I know this is really old post, but wanted to share that you can select everything in your level in an ortho view, like the Top ortho, then in the top menu bar click Actor → Transform → Delta Transform this will offset every selected object by any amount you enter.

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