How to move items in the outliner to another project?

I’m working with two other people on a project that is very basic, not even a game, just like a walking around experience interacting with things, that started off as the FPS template in 4.23. The challenge is that we couldn’t get the collaboration feature to work over the internet, so the project leader keeps the master project in a Sharepoint folder, and the rest update the project to the synced Sharepoint folder on our local drives .

When it comes to items that are in the content browser, it’s easy to send them from one project to another, you right click and select migrate and then choose the content folder of the target project. So for blueprints, textures and most things that works fine.

But this is the thing I cannot find anything about anywhere. There are certain items in the world outliner in my version of the project that I want to send to the master project. One of them is a plane mesh, but if I go to the item in the content browser and migrate that, it’s useless. It won’t have any of the properties that I entered for that item inside the level, such as location, rotation and scale, and maybe some other things. Another one is a trigger, which shows in the content browser as well, and I migrated it, but to bring it into the level, I have to manually drag it onto the level and place it, rotate it, scale it and so on. Same thing for the mesh. The only thing I can think of is to have both projects open side by side in two monitors and manually copying each property, X, Y, Z, for location, rotation and scale. That’s 9 things to copy per item that you want to move from one project to a newer version of the same project.

I tried changing the name of the level in my project, then migrating it to the master project so it’s another level, and then copying the items I want from my level to the master level, and that kind of works, but not totally. For example, one thing I have is a video playing when the player walks into the trigger area. In my project, all the items related to that are in a folder called Movies, since I read somewhere that it has to be called that instead of Videos so they work correctly when packaging the project. So I migrated that whole folder from my project to the master project, then I did what I described with the levels, so now I have a variation of a plane mesh that acts as a screen, and I have the trigger for the video as an item inside the Movies folder, and in the outliner, sitting in front of the screen mesh. I also made sure to copy the mp4 file into the Movies folder of the master project, and relink it in the video item in the movies folder inside the project.

However, I hit play in the master, and walk close to the screen, the video doesn’t play. So I checked that everything was linked correctly. I opened all the items, the media player, the media player video, the media player video material, the trigger blueprint, everything is the same in both projects. But the one in my copy works, and the one in the master project doesn’t.

So being a beginner I know that I’m missing something here. What is the correct way to export items you have in a level in the outliner into another project’s level?

Once you’ve migrated them you can select them in the outliner, copy (ctrl+c) - then paste (ctrl+v) into the other projects outliner. This doesn’t work with Blueprints though.