How to move DefaultPawn with Acceleration and Deceleration?

Hi guys

I am trying to work out how to use MovementComponent to move Pawns. I’ve created a Pawn BP and re-parented

to DefaultPawn in order to inherit MovementComponent (side question, why doesn’t Pawn class have

that by default?)

Above - is the movement logic of the pawn in question.

Below - are the setting of the MovementComponent


Doing this moves the pawn, but without using Acceleration or Deceleration properties. No matter what value I

set them to, it always move in exactly the same manner.

Changing Max Speed affects the total speed of movement, but changing Acceleration or Deceleration appears to

have no effect.

How can I move the Pawn with Acceleration and Deceleration taken into account?


What worked for me is changing the following on the FloatingPawnMovementComponent:

  • Use Acceleration for Paths: Enabled
  • Use Fixed Braking Distance for Paths: Enabled
  • Play with the “Fixed Path Braking Distance”.