how to move character under a box in default Top DOwn mode

when i click under a box wchich is 3d and hiding what is behind him i cant walk there how to change it ?

If I am understanding you.

  • You have a box with a space under it.
  • Your movement is based on pathfinding.
  • You click the top of the box, and you want the click to ignore the box, and register the floor under the box.

Is this right?

I’ve just try to replace brush by a staticmesh actor and it works fine.

the Britain yes

Fen i tired and it not works or me

:-(. I just created a project (with 4.6.1) tried to duplicate a brush and see it was blocking, then dragged a floor 400x400 and tried click and it worked. (but i am surprised it worked, i thought i would have to set camera / line trace to ignore to have it working)

still not working
what about that camera?

In component tab, collision presets, try to change collision response for visibility / camera to ignore. It may not help. As it works here i can’t try.

Edit : sorry it was for a blueprint component : for a mesh in level : go to details / collision collision presets.

component tab?

ok i have done it, by colission presets to overlap, but only in meshes

thx all

better, colisions presets to pawn

I was wondering why it was working for me and i found : There was no collision set for the mesh. So obvious ^^. If you have issue with your collision settings you may can use some dedicated meshes without collision where your character will not have to walk too, to not have to deal with it.

next question how to set up colliosion for imported meshes i imported a house and pawn walk through it

This is was i was talking about. Look at this link in documentation : you’ll see how create basic collision like box, sphere and less basic ones which are good for most of common meshes. Auto convex collision can be set to provide an auto fitting collision really good. If your mesh has too much holes / access then you may will have or to import separate meshes, set collisions and add them in one blueprint or set your mesh in a blueprint and add invisibles boxes to block where you want.

thx, still my english is not so bad, mostly i understand what you saying :smiley:

ok thx i try this in the evening