How to move camera automatically while mouse cursor is showing?

Hi everyone.
I need help moving the camera.
I know how to show the cursor and I scripted the camera movement. But every time I start the game, I need to click to move the camera; Is there any way to solve this problem?

What you looking for is Set Input Mode Game, set it to your controller. Good luck.

Ok, thank you very much!

I have a problem, when I click, I need to move the camera with another click again.
How do I fix that?

Few things that you can try to do Set Input Mode Game and UI(if you did set it to Set Input Mode Game only) and play with its options. If that doesn’t help there a chance that your window gets unfocused try to go into fullscreen mode from the get-go, if that doesn’t help well maybe something with your cursor try to set it invisible if you don’t really need it to be always visible?

I need the cursor to be visible. You have more solutions?