How to move bone when button is pressed?


I have run into a problem that is taking me a while to figure out.
I have created a complex vehicle, and need to rotate some bones on the model when I press a input button.
I haven’t made any animations, and I just use the mesh as a skeletal rig when I import it.

I have attached a test image of what I’m trying to do. I want to rotate the boom between point A to point B when I press a button. It needs to rotate over time, and if I release the button, it needs to stop where it is.

How should I go about creating it in blueprints?
Will I need to create the animation for it and play it to achieve my goal, or can I just do it inside of UE4?



I figured it out.

The solution I used is this:
I have my input buttons which I use to play and reverse a custom Timeline animation that controls the alpha values between the Lerp functions in my class blueprint. Then I set those values into variables that are open.

Then in Event Graph in the animation blueprint I get those values from the class blueprint and assign them to new variable to use in the animation blueprint.

Then I just plug those values into to Transform bone modifier and it works just as I want it to.