How to move assets to subfolder

I have collection of separate assets and i don’t want to put in content folder, so i created subfolder for each but here’s my issues.
I click Ctrl+A then move to the subfolder what happen is:
1- few item get copied instead of moving and some get moved
2- some items doesn’t move and it is ignored

2- put the asset in subfolder and clicking fix up re-director doesnt work at all

however when i picked it folder by folder it worked in the engine but nothing happened really
what happened in engine it showed that the folders moved and it left empty folders and subfolders but on my file explorer all folders remain where they were and, they were only copied and this is not the worst part!
some folders that showed in the engine that they were moved didn’t actually moved and they weren’t copied either unlike what it shows in the engine

Again I do not want to keep anything in content folder!!