How to move and rotate actor with physics enabled?

I’m trying to make a basic AI, but for the life of me I cannot get the actor to move with physics enabled. Set Actor Location does not work, Set World Location (scene component) does not work, etc. Even Set Actor Rotation does not work! Rotating the scene component does something, but even if it is a small change it makes the actor go flying and I made sure the bottom mesh collision box is flat.

When I searched this question one of Epic staff’s replies for a work around is to disable physics, move, then enable it again but even that doesn’t work.

How do you deal with this? I am not working on a project so the method or time doesn’t matter, but it bothers me that I cannot get something so simple to work.

Well to move my hover car forward and backward I use apply force at location node. To turn it I use torque. However it is just a static mesh. If you are talking about characters then its a dif story.

Also you can try using add actor local offset and add actor local rotation but that will glitch the physics out. If you are adding offset than use sweep or it wont collide with stuff.

Thanks man!

Glad to help.