How to move an matinee animation

I created a cinematic matinee animation as a beginning sequence to my arch-viz project. I have 6 tracks. I want to reposition some tracks. I want track 4 to be track 1 and track 1 to move to the track 4 position. Can this be done?



yes,first delete your tracks from director group,then set it up again,you should add your camera 4 first,but i prefer not to do that this way,and set them up correct from start

Can’t you just move the key frames to a new time? You can type in the time of the key frame so it moves on the time line. Or, I would just export your sequence and compile to video then edit the video.


That is exactly what I did. I slid all the key frames down and made the 4th track run first. But I am getting a strange flicker at the first frame of the animation. And it is from the the first track, which is an animation inside the house. I checked for leftover key frames, that may have been missed when I slid them down, but it is clean. So my guess is that is a hiccup that maybe matinee does not like having the 4th track be first. I was hoping there would be away to copy the track and paste it to the first position.

This is not the best video. You have to wait for it near the end. But you will see it flicker.

[video]floor plan - YouTube

I usually get a bit of unusable stuff too. Just add a few seconds to the front and then export your animation as a png or jpeg sequence then edit those frames out. The avi movie export is terrible anyhow.

I want the animation to play before the person takes over and goes interactive. Right now, I have it set up to run the cinematic matinee animation first with an event begin play in level blueprint. If I export my matinee out as separate files, and compile it to some other video format, can I call that animation, video, to play first in lieu of the matinee cinematic?