How to Move an Attached Actor relative to its parent?

I googled for an hour now, and i cant get it to work.

I want to attach an actor (no physics) to another one that has physics enabled, and it gets spawned and attached - but they are not “glued” together. (so the do not move together)

How do i achieve this?

Could you put screenshots of what you have done so far?

I deleted all of it, but i did this:

Line Trace (Taken the Actor from the Hitresult) -> Spawn Actor from Class -> Attach Actor (the previously spawned one) to the Actor from the Hitresult.

This is what it looked like when i “bumped” into the cylinder:

The cylinder (the actor that got the cube attached) moved, but the attached actor (the cube) did not move at all.

EDIT: I also tried “Attach to component”, did not work too. (same result)