How to move an actor?

I dont want to rotate an object.

I just can’t move my object :frowning: precisely: I want to rotate and move object simultanesously. Could you help me?

Rotating Movement Component

Instead of just adding a local rotation, you could use AddLocalTransform.
Calculate your Rotation as you already have, and in addition calculate a Location, where you can adjust Z depending on the movement you want to have in z direction.
This way, both, the rotation and the location will be applied in this Transform operation.

Here’s an example, just moving object up/down using a sine, while it is rotating:

Thanks, it seems it works more less, but is it possible to connect somehow this whole stuff to ‘OnActorBeginOverlap’ ? Becouse I’d like it starts working if player enters into some area.
I’m trying to connect with ‘OnActorBeginOverlap’ but it doesn’t work properly.

You just could add a float variable to set a factor for delta seconds - setting this to 0.0 by default and on begin overlap you could set it to 50.0 - in that case, all tick event handling would be executed, but just the rotation would be omitted.

Or, if you want to disable the whole transform and only start this when begin overlap happens, set a boolean variable in Begin Overlap and only run AddLocalTransform, if this is set to true. Or, even better, you could disable Tick at all (if it is possible for your actor logic) and use Set Enable Tick to enable the whole path just if overlap happens - not ticking at all is best for performance.