How to move an Actor under Impulse / Simulate Physics

Hi everyone,

Here is the thing: I understand physics only applies to a primitive component reference. I understand the idea behind it, namely you can only apply a force to a physical object with a mesh.

However, if you apply the force (ex: AddImpulse) to the mesh only, then you’ll find yourself with the actor remaining at the original location while the mesh it is supposed to contain and represent will wander across the level…

Let’s say for instance you need to follow a specific actor… well you can’t, it is not moving. I know there are workarounds like using the mesh location / rotation instead, but it feels wrong and dirty.

For now, I can always update the transform of the actor based on the transform of the mesh and it works, but it still doesn’t feel quite right.

If we are not allowed to apply an impulse to the actor itself, Is there no way to bind for instance the location of the actor to the location/transform of a specfic mesh ?