How to move according to a die roll

Hi, me and my friends are trying to make a board game and we ran into a problem where we aren’t sure how to get our character to move according to the number of the dice roll. Any ideas how?

One way would be to put a small collision box on each side of the die mesh. When the die stops rolling you can check which of these small boxes overlaps the surface the die is rolling on. That would tell you side it has stopped on.

I’m not sure what you’re asking.

Do you want to know how to detect which side is up on a die, or how to move the character automatically based on an already detected roll?

I was asking for both.

It would probably be simpler to just get the rotation of the die when it stops and each side will correspond to a specific combination of x and y rotations.

finding out which combination the die’s rotation more closely reflects will be the side to use for spaces to move.

But why bother with a physics actor when you can just generate a random number between 1 and 6 and play an animation for the corresponding die roll.

And as for movement, you could assign a static distance to every number given out by the roll, so a one could be 10, and if you roll a six, you take that 10 times 6 right? am I missing something? also I personally would go with JoSilver’s random in range approach, but of course having a full physics dice motion would be sort of cool I suppose, yet if its a board game, Id also expect it to be playable on the worst machines out there so it might not be an option.