How to move a physics object over a terrain?


I’m trying to make a car. I know there is a built in vehicle system in unreal. But i’ve tinkered with it and i’m not really liking it much. So I’d like to make a very simple car vehicle myself. Thing is i want it to be extremely simple. I just want the physics object (a box) to move over the terrain as i press forward for example.

I tried doing this with an add force, but the box then begins to violently jump around sometimes when i assume hits a terrain vertex that is a bit to shapr or something. I’ve also tried with sphere collisions but it gives the same result.

Here is a gyazo of what’s happening.

What would be the best way to do this and what exactly is happening with this force that causes this issue?

I used this tutorial but ran into problems when going up and down inclines:

When u use addforce, the force will increase overtime, so when it become too high, it will cause that problem. One more thing is that when u keep addforce to the root collision component, it will rotate to the direction of your force. So i think u should either lock the rotation of your physic collision, or use set velocity instead of addforce.

Setting velocity is definitely better, but the mesh still jumps up every every few meters. Do you perhaps know how i could improve my colliders so that the mesh perfectly glides over the surface in stead of bounce?