How to move a mesh by setting individual vector coordinates?

I’m not sure how to explain this. If I want to move a mesh along the x-axis only, without affecting the y and the z, how would I go about this? It seems that every method I have attempted affects the y and the z axis as well.

You can probably just move it 0 in y and z :slight_smile:

Well that’s what I did lol. I did a plus operation on the vector and only modified the X, but for some reason it moved Y and Z the same amount.

Sounds like you used float + vector and not vector + vector

Get Actor Forward Vector, Get Actor Right Vector.
Negate them to get “mirror vectors”. These functions should return normalized vectors.

Or you could just set X and Y values of the vector to 0 before moving objects.

Thanks, I will try this. Maybe I did do float + vector.

This worked. Thank you :slight_smile: