How to move a component from blueprint?

I am currently trying to make a component of my player moving (switch location or rotate). When i try to code it on blueprint, i got an error message (err msg):

It’s abou when plaaye press a key from keybord than the component must move. It doesn’t working. The name of my component is “Contactpoint”

Have a look on my screen shots in the attachment.

Thanks you so much for your attention.



Message d’erreur!

It would not work that way, Add Movement input only accepts pawns or characters but not individual components. What is your goal? Maybe I know a way of doing it.

I see. What i am trying to do it’s:

  • having a player (First person) who is walking around (the player can control his character by pressing W for up, S for down, A for left and D for right)
  • a component for the player (almost like an AIM) where he kills his ennemy ( i call this componenet “ContactPoint”)
  • the player can control his ContactPoint with I for UP, K for down, J for left and L for right.

Please tell me if i am clear enough. Thanks for your time to answer me.

BTW, i also tried to create another blueprint (as a pawn) and try to make this blueprint a component of the 1st blupint. UE4 didn’t allowed me! :frowning: