How to move a character in ludo game move in specified direction according to the input?

I wanted to make a ludo game in ue4. I started and even made dice animation too. But now, I am unable to make the game pieces move according to the random number given by the dice.


You’re not giving much to work with but I’d probably move pieces from A → B with a Timeline + Lerp combo.

If you need more help, do consider elaborating on what you’ve tried and what is not working.

if we throw the dice, a random number will be stored in a variable. So, I have to move the game pieces in a specific direction each time. ie if the random number is 3, I have to move 3 blocks irrespective of the direction (maybe up, down, left or right). Can you help me to make the blueprint for this information?

If you need the pic of my ludo game board, comment YES.

Isn’t ludo a tile-based game? You wouldn’t be moving pieces in a direction, but following a trail of tiles, right? Consider working on a system that can move pieces in a grid layout. YT is your friend here.

Do note that the Answer Hub is more geared towards specific questions rather than ready to go solutions. While what you’re requesting is not that complex, it’d still take hours of work to put together.

I do not mind helping but it does sound a bit as if you want someone to make it for you. Do correct me if I’m wrong and show us what you’ve accomplished so far. And if there’s a specific element that’s giving you a headache, surely someone will be happy to chip in - plenty of knowledgeable folks here!

Thank you for spending time for me. I’d be grateful to you

What do you mean? You’d be grateful for what?

thanks for your support