How to mouse cursor trail effect?

Niagara emitter bound to mouse position?

I’m really desperate.
Because no one is answering me.
I wanted the mouse cursor to have a trail effect on the widget.
No one even gave a little tip on that.
It’s hopeless.
I want to move on to UNI.T.
I posted the question as below but didn’t answer it.
It’s really hopeless.
It’s hopeless.


Hello, ue4. I’m a beginner. I want to implement the afterimage effect when the mouse cursor moves in 2d UMG state.
I wanted the mouse cursor to have a trail effect on the widget.
You can see it by looking at the image I uploaded. It fades out over time. The overall afterimage duration is short. I want to know if this effect can be implemented in blue print. I’m sorry I don’t know much because I’m a beginner. I’d like to ask my superior. If possible, please give me a tip. Thank you so much.

No, it’s not Niagara.
Each is a widget. Is there a way?

I doubt there is a checkbox for this in the engine and you have to do it yourself.
I don’t see any issues just duplicating the mouse cursor and put them all into an array.
Then you implement a counter or use pop/push operations on your array and move the current widget to your mouse location. You can implement a single fading animation and activate that one after moving the widget.
Then you just increase the counter and on the next frame you just move the next widget to the mouse location and activate the fading animation. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Your tip has kept my hopes up. Thank you so much.