How to more easily pick up small objects in third person?

sorry my English isn’t good 'cause it’s not my native language and apologies for bad grammar.

i am trying to make my third person character pick up a small physics simulating sphere intended as a flashlight being carried around.
i read this post [link text][1]
And i watched the tutorial video mentioned in that post [link text][2]
and made some changes through trial and error.
i am currently able to get the character to pick up and drop the object upon pressing the f key and carry the object around. but i am only able to do this reasonably easily when i enlarge the object to a 50cm diameter. when i set the sphere’s diameter to 10cm (which i want to) i am practically unable to pick it up because i had to enable the show debug line and very carefully aim the line trace at the sphere for many times and it takes me minutes to just aim the lines.

i wonder if there are easier way to pick up small objects.

this is part of my blueprint, the rest of it is the same as in the tutorial.

this is me trying to aim the red line

any help would be appreciated!

for your case i would probably go with a overlap and input situation. basicially when the player overlaps the item you have a little text notification saying the item name and that it can be picked up. then if the player presses the input button say E then they pick up the item. its a easier way to pick things up when working with a third person character.

thank you so much! i just tried a capsule overlap component function and it worked well! though i haven’t figure out how to display a text notification before picking up the object yet…

a new problem i just noticed is if my character accidentally stepped on to the object (or maybe it’s walk onto a location very proximal to the object) before picking it up (pressing the key on the keyboard) it immediately disappeared, and cannot be found or picked up anymore. i tried un-checking both the “can character step up on” and the “can be damaged” box but none of them seem to have any changes.
i wonder if there’s any way to prevent it from mysteriously disappearing?
this is my new blueprint, everything else i didn’t change.

this is what happen when the character steps onto the object. (before and after)