How to modify the text in the radial menus when interacting with someone else?

We are translating the interface of this game into chinese, and have finished approximately 80% of that and now we are faced with some trouble. The first picture shows where I can’t find a way to tranlate. Could you help me solve my problem?


Looks like you have made a lot of progress on this, though wasn’t there already a thread about this? You will likely get your solution when full conversion rolls out to change the localization. It actually might be a much easier solution overall than modifying everything individually like you have already since localization is to streamline the process of translation.

Thank you for your information about the upcoming funtionality. I’m really expeecting the Total Conversion would be the one we need to localize the game directly. It was a truely hard work you know that.
It was truely a hard work - -

Very impressive so far! I can only imagine how tedious and trial/error this must have been given how some things are setup in the game currently.

I appreciate you have paid attention to our problems and I’m looking forward to the later upgrede of the ARK dev kit. I love this game, and I hope my chinese friends poor in english could play this game in an easier way.