How to modify different tracks in a sequence in sequencer using python?

hello everyone, hope you are doing well, I am new to python unreal engine and im trying to modify different tracks in my sequence, I have a sequence that has a sub-sequence and some image sequence tracks, I would like to add my files in those tracks that are already created. so the process is automatic. i would really appreciate help here, thank you in advance.
for example, in this picture, you can see a subsequence “Take Recording” I would like to add my game recording sequence asset in their using python.
Another example would be, you see a image sequence track under the “left” folder I would like to add my image sequence asset in that track.

things that I tried:

I searched on unreal engine Doc python API but didn’t find the solution,
I looked in the example files under “sequencer scripting” folder that engine provides but didn’t had any success

if you have any question regarding this query please let me know
thank you :slight_smile: