How to minimize the impact of loading a sublevel?

Hi all, I have this one streaming sublevel with 21 overlap events controlling 5 different fog actors. I have nearly 60 references to the main character (due to the different overlap events) and I’m dragging up to 5 variables from each reference, on each overlap event.

When I load the level using blueprint node “Load Level” my loading screen freezes (I have a widget using a flipbook animated to move from left to right). It freezes for about 2 minutes.

How could I improve the loading time of this sublevel? Or at least avoid the freezing somehow, if only for a couple frames in between the loading, so at least I know it’s working and didn’t crashed?

Any idea is welcomed.

Have you tried anticipating when the load is going to happen and pre-loading ( at least some of it ), by unchecking the ‘make visible after load’ box?

If you have some way of knowing the load is imminent, you can get it ready in the back ground like this, and then use it just by setting ‘should be visible’.

I tried that but the “should be visible” didn’t do anything. Perhaps I don’t know how to implement it correctly, but it’s a basic float so idk what I could be doing wrong…

I made the sublevel an always loaded sublevel and found a way around what I needed with the actors in the level not being visible after a certain point. I’d still like to know the proper way to async load a sublevel tho.

if you have any link you can share me with info about it it would helpful. Thank you for your time.

It’s automatically throtled by the system. But you can take a peek and see when it’s loaded. Here’s my streaming code. Load level ( without showing it ):

Then when it’s ready, make it visible and spawn the player at the player start: